mars 22, 2017

Lockers at Dragvoll

Besides being a political institution, the Student Councils at Dragvoll (HF & SU) also take care of certain practicalities
such as registering lockers for the students at campus Dragvoll.

How do I register my locker?
1. Find a free, numerated locker on campus
2. Put a padlock on the locker, and memorize its number.
3. Bring valid ID and stop by the Student Councils’ Office between 10:10 and 16:10 between monday and thursday (15:00 on fridays)
Talk to the student representatives manning the desk, and they’ll register the locker for you.

Lockers must be registered on a semester basis. This means you’ll have to re-register your locker at the beginning of every semester.
Unregistered lockers will have their padlocks cut off, and the contents will be confiscated. The owner will recieve an e-mail from us, and
will be given a time limit to retrieve his/her things.
 NB! You may not register a locker on behalf of another student.

Have you lost the key to your padlock?

Stop by our office and bring valid ID, and we’ll cut the padlock for you. You’ll have to get a new padlock and re-register your locker.