mars 22, 2017


Frequently asked questions – and our answers

Can’t find your way around campus Dragvoll?

Answer: With MazeMap, you’ll easily find your way around on campus. Using the search bar, you can look up rooms to see their locations. If you’re still having trouble, come by the Student Councils’ office in ‘Gata’, Building 2, Level 3. We have a map and can help you out.

Hve you been harassed?

Answer: Speak to one of your elected student representatives. Our office is open Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm. We’re also available by e-mail (see «Contact» & «Student Council 2017»). We are bound by confidentiality, and know how you should proceed in situations such as these. Afterwards, you can talk to SiT/the campus nurse/student priests, should you feel inclined.

Do you need a semester card?

Answer: As of August 2015, physical semester cards on paper have been phased out at NTNU and replaced with the «Student ID» app, which can be downloaded from App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). You login to the app with your regular NTNU username and password. If you do not own a smartphone or for some other reason are in need of a receipt for your semester fee, you can order a physical receipt in StudentWeb.

Do you have questions about student exchange?

Answer: If your question regards course-specific problems, contact your department. If you have questions/concerns about practicalities, contact NTNU’s Office of International Relations.

Too warm/cold in ‘Gata’?

Answer: ‘Gata’ is regulated as an outside area, thus we cannot do anything about this.

Light in Gata/corridors?

Answer: ‘Gata’ and hallways/corridors are not suitable or designed for studying, but are, in practice, outside areas. Therefore, these areas are not as well lit as reading rooms and colloquium rooms.

Airing in reading rooms?

Answer: There is nothing wrong with opening a window yourself if the air quality is sub-standard. Entrances at Dragvoll are smoke-free, so opening a window should help.

Light bulbs in reading rooms?

Answer: You can get these yourself at the custodian’s office. Or you can register missing lights through the Building Services’ website.

Noise in reading rooms?

Answer: All students must take responsibility for keeping reading rooms and similar working areas quiet. In case of negligent and/or bothersome noise, you are in your full rights to warn the people responsible. Students have through general assebmlies adopted a common set of rules of conduct for reading rooms, which forbids the use of cell phones. Use ear plugs and show respect for others who are working.
Unfortunately, there is little we can do about noise related to renovation/building work etc.

Trash/mess in common areas?

Answer: All students should, and must, clean up after themselves. As students, we have a responsibility to ensure that the cleaning personnel have a decent work environment. If you witness students or faculty littering, alert them that they are not behaving responsibly.

Smoking near entrances?

Answer: Smoking near any entrance at Dragvoll is forbidden. Show respect for fellow students and faculty w/ asthma and allergies. If you witness someone smoking near an entrance, alert them that doing so is forbidden, and/or report the discrepancy.